50 Shades of Femme Fatale Lap Dance Workshop Returns!

“I was nervous to sign up for a lap dance workshop but everyone made me feel so comfortable. I did not expect to benefit from the experience even more than my husband but I did!” -Sandra, age 38

“Perfect afternoon with my best friend. We had a complete blast! I highly recommend the workshops at Femme Fatale to spice things up.” -Jennifer, age 22

We are getting very excited for the release of the movie so we are bringing back our very popular workshop, 50 Shades of Femme Fatale! Whether you enjoy being dominant, submissive, or just simply feeling very sexy this is a workshop you do not want to miss! With your purchase you will receive a blindfold and tickle whip from Pure Romance and will learn how to incorporate your fun new toys into a special evening. Give your sweetheart a whole new kind of Valentine this year by learning an erotic routine that will definitely heat up your Valentine’s Day! Even if you are single, you can treat yourself to an afternoon of pure fun. This workshop is open to all ladies 18 and up and space is limited! Please bring a men’s button up shirt and neck tie (required). You can also bring an extra bra and heels to practice removing if you wish. You will also be able to purchase additional items from Pure Romance by Trish if you want to take your experience to the next level!

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