Our team at Femme Fatale Dayton has various dance backgrounds that show in the work we do at the studio. Our passion for dance, regardless of the outlet, shows in everything we create. Whether you have danced your whole life, miss it, or never had the chance growing up, it is never too late to fall in love with dance and get good at it! Not only will you tap into your creative side, you will also have so much fun while getting fit. Outside of pole and aerial, we offer various four week dance enrollment classes that rotate based on our schedule.

Dance Classes range in price from $99 to $150.

Belly Dancing is one of the best ways to tone your whole body! Did we mention you’ll have a blast in the process?! Femme Fatale Fitness is lucky to have one of the best Belly Dancing instructors in the state! – Bronwen! If you haven’t taken her classes yet, you are missing out on an amazing time!

Over the 5 week course you will work on a dance routine that utilizes elements of burlesque, jazz, hip hop, or other dance styles. You will not only get the steps but also work on the confidence, attitude, and musicality needed to make this routine really pop.