How do I sign up for classes?

Create an account here!

Which classes do most start with?

Most start with open classes before committing to an enrollment class.

I want to start with an enrollment class! Which ones can I take?

 Any intro level or dance class (Twerk Tech, Burly Q, etc.) is a great place to start!

How much do classes cost?

Our open classes range in price from $7 to $20. Enrollment classes range from $99 (classes with no prerequisites) to $150 (specialty classes and leveled classes with prerequisites). Please visit each apparatus’ webpage for specific class prices. 

I have aerial experience, what should I do?

  Email schedule@femmefatalellc.com to schedule a free assessment!

I have a Groupon. How do I use it?

Click here to learn how!

I’ve never taken a pole or aerial class before, what type of fitness level is required?

All of our drop in classes are meant for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you live at the gym or avoid it like the plaque we cater our classes to challenge both physical spectrums. For our Pole, Aerial, and Burlesque classes we recommend that everyone take the beginner/ Intro level first. Within each level you will grow in strength and endurance and become more comfortable and self confident with each level. We often hear, “I would come to class but I have no upper body strength, coordination, and/ or flexibility.” We are here to tell you that Femme Fatale Fitness is where you can achieve those qualities; you do not need them to get started!

Are the classes a good workout?

Get ready for the workout of your life! All our drop in classes sculpt the entire body giving you maximum results in minimal amount of time! Our goal is for you to actually have fun while working out…but be sore the next day! For our 5 week courses you are learning in detail about a physical art, we make sure you learn at a rate where you are challenged but safe. The more you learn the stronger you become mentally and physically. Once you learn the basics an average hour workout can burn anywhere from 600-800 calories a class and will build that lean toned healthy body.

What do I wear and bring to class?

We suggest coming in layers because the studio and your body start off cool and warm up quickly. For pole, fitted shorts work best because skin is your friend on the pole! Fitted tanks are perfect for beginner pole classes and sports bras are ideal for advanced pole classes. For aerial, comfortable fitted clothing is best, especially if it goes past the knee and shoulder. Belly Dance students are encouraged to bring a money skirt to class. Stiletto Pole students are encouraged to bring heels or platform stilettos and socks or leg warmers that go past the knees for floor work. Dance Fuzion students need gym shoes. All students must bring plenty of water to class. Students may also bring their own yoga mats to the studio if available. Pole students beyond the Intro level are required to bring their own grip aids to class. Once students complete Intro, most students know which type fits their needs best. If your class has been purchased using a Groupon or other coupon you must bring your coupon/ voucher to class for registration.

Is there an age or weight limit?

No! You will find all shapes and sizes at our classes! No matter what age or weight we customize your experience so that you are challenged and get a great workout. There is no age limit but we do require that you are 18 and up. The studio is aimed toward adults and some of the songs we play and content/classes are aimed for adults. Even if you feel your child or under age friend is mature enough for class, we must take into consideration the comfort level of all of our students. For this reason, there is no exception to this policy.

What if I’m late to class?

Due to the layout of class, your safety in performing a whole warm up prior to getting on the equipment, and the respect of fellow students, no one will be admitted into class past 5 minutes past the start time. Please make sure to plan appropriately for traffic and/ or weather conditions before you head out. The only exception are students with overlapping class times at Femme Fatale who have received prior approval from the instructor to join the class late.