Femme Fatales Enjoyed Working With Pole Idol, Jamilla Deville

On Thursday, June 26th, ladies filled the Femme Fatale Boudoir Pole Room for their much anticipated meeting and training with the one and only Jamilla Deville! This is one pole superstar we have all been following from afar and were just thrilled to have the chance to work with in the flesh here in our home studio!

Ms. Deville was extremely professional, knowledgable, talented, and welcoming. She made every woman feel included, which has always been such an important part of our Femme Fatale culture.

Students got to work on spins, climbing, pole flow, choreography, spin pole, advanced signature moves, and building beautiful combinations. The excitement and energy within the studio was electrifying.

Thank you Jamilla for bringing your passion for pole to Femme Fatale Fitness! Amazing experiences like this help keep that pole fire alive in us polers. They also continuously remind us why we started and where we want to be, while enjoying this amazing journey of flight and dance along the way. xoxo