“There is absolutely nothing in this world that will change your life for the better, faster than Burlesque.” – Owner, Cassandra Guard

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Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

Aerial hoop brings fitness and flight together into one stunning art form that will leave you refusing to dance with your feet only on the floor ever again. Lyra students start with the fundamentals of posing, spinning, and transitioning through the layers of the hoop. A relationship with the hoop over time will lead to more advanced tricks, increased stamina, and fluidity. The lyra frames you as you make beautiful shapes with your body. Conquering new levels of aerial hoop skills will enhance your appreciation for what your body can do!

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Pole is our original addiction and we still cannot get enough. Pole has sensual roots and those roots have inspired and grown many branches and flavor of pole dance. Every student has a unique style, strength, and journey with pole. Students start with fundamentals of stance, grip, spin, climb, invert preparation, fluid transitions, and style. As you grow your confidence and skills there is no limit to where the pole can take you.

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