New Enrollment Class Registration Policy

Femme Fatale Fitness is growing and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this amazing studio and the ladies who attend classes with us! Due to the growth, the studio needs to make changes along the way to better suit the increasing clientele. Registering for classes before the software is ready for registration can disrupt the system. New ways have been constructed to better serve all of you when it comes to registering for your Enrollment Classes each session. This will make it more fair and efficient, and will make the traffic flow better with our online software.

First, registration can only begin when the roster is live and ready for registration. Registration will begin as soon as the notifications are released and not before. Students will get notified three ways: email, Facebook post, and as a perk for our members, a post in the Femme Fatale Members group page. Once notification is posted, registration can begin. The system will not accept entries before the notifications go out.

Also, registration will go live with notifications going out at a reasonable hour for our students. For example, students do not have to worry that notification will go out in the middle of the night.

Please make sure you are receiving emails from Femme Fatale Fitness and that the messages are not being sent to your junk mail folders. Also, please make sure you are receiving Facebook notifications by going to our Facebook page, hover over the “Liked” button, and select “Get Notifications”.  If you are a Premium Member and not yet in our online group. Please send us a request on Facebook for approval to be added.

We appreciate your business and understanding as we grow and continue to bring you the classes you love. See you in class!