Open Classes

Open Classes


Open classes are a great place to start your Femme Fatale journey! For all of our Open classes you may pay-per-class, use an online punch card, or get them free with a basic or premium membership. We always welcome walk-ins, but registering online in advance is the best way to guarantee your spot. Please check our current schedule to find out which Open Classes are being offered this month. All open classes are for all skill levels, no experience necessary! Women 18 and up welcome to attend all classes-Open & Enrollment! SIGN UP FOR CLASS HERE!

Pole H.A.B.I.T.

Pole HABIT – (Hips, Arms and Abs, Buns, Inner and outer Thighs) a combination cardio and strength class for the pole. This class will get your heart pumping and build strength in all your major muscle groups while you follow along to simple pole dance routines. This class is appropriate for all skill levels – no prior pole experience necessary. As this class is in its experimental phase, it is 45 minutes long.

Dance Fuzion

If you are craving an amazing workout but also love to dance, then this class will become your new obsession! We use dance elements such as dance aerobics, ballet, bellydancing, hip hop and we even throw in a sexy song or two! We also end class with Pilates for your core and some gentle yoga so that way you leave feeling amazing. No dance background?  No Problem! This class is designed for everyone! (60 minutes)


We’ve lowered the lyras (hoops) so you can get down to business with some fierce lyra skills and floor work! (60 minutes)

Sassy Silks

After learning some silky skills, you’ll put them together creating a sassy silk routine. (60 minutes) 

Yoga Flow

Start your week off relaxed and flexy! This  class uses yoga flows and poses to get your muscles and joints ready for a week of aerial work! All fitness levels welcome! (45 minutes)

Restorative Yoga

Restore and Repair in this  yoga session each week. Breathe, flow, let go! We’re going deep and stretching out the week in this relaxing and restorative flow. Perfect wrap up to any week, especially restorative after a full week of pole and aerial work! (60 minutes)


What happens when you combine the agility of Pilates and the flexibility of yoga? Rock hard abs. Join us for this 30 minute power session that will improve core strength and flexibility. This class is a perfect compliment to your pole, aerial, and dance classes but also quick and effective for your overall fitness all on its own. (30 minutes)

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR CLASS! **PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME** Due to the layout of class, your safety in performing a whole warm up prior to getting on the equipment, and the respect of fellow students, no one will be admitted into class past 5 minutes past the start time. Please make sure to plan appropriately for traffic and/ or weather conditions before you head out. The only exception are students with overlapping class times at Femme Fatale who have received prior approval from the instructor to join the class late.