Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks are the new and exciting art form seen in Cirque du Soleil. We have taken this beautiful art form and combined it with strength training and dance making it an experience like no other! You will see improved flexibility and a total body sculpt that you will start to feel and see just after the first class! We like to encourage our women to try new and exciting elements of fitness. Aerial Silks will not only change the way your body looks but will also improve your self esteem and self confidence.

“Aerial silks have worked my body from head to toe and the best part is I am only a couple weeks in!!! The silks have completely transformed my body…and best part my “love handles”. I have never found an exercise class or single exercise that made my “love handles” burn as much!!! Keep burnin’ away!!!” – Ashley, 27, Teacher

Intro to Silks- This five week enrollment course is designed for students with very little to no aerial silks experience. We guide you through the basics of climbing, hand and foot knots, basic aerial inversions, and beautiful poses. You will also use aerial conditioning exercises to tone and build strength for our progression of aerial silks level classes. Women of all shapes and ages have enjoyed this class and have benefited from it inside as well as out. Step outside of your comfort zone and take this wonderful journey of self discovery and physical empowerment!

Aerial Silks Levels 1-9- In these five week enrollment classes students take the foundation that has been started with this aerial apparatus and grow further and further with each passing class. Learn tricks, poses, combinations, unique transitions, spins, and unique choreography to keep you excited, your stamina building, and having fun. The aerial silks will leave you feeling like a true acrobatic performer with each pose framing you beautifully with shrouds of gorgeous fabric from Intro through advanced. A routine is taught in every level class to tie your skills together and push you further

Aerial Silks Progression Courses- As you progress through the aerial silks levels it is helpful to take extra time to perfect skills and tricks to gain even more control and confidence. In this five week enrollment class students will focus on tricks, climbs, conditioning, and flexibility to become stronger aerial performers. These classes are categorized by skill level at beginner/ intermediate/ and advanced. Be sure to check class prerequisites in each class description before registering to ensure the class that is the right fit for your skill level.

Aerial Arts & Circus Teaser Class- This Open Class is designed for students with no previous experience with the aerial hoop and/ or the aerial silks. This class gives students the opportunity to try out the aerial arts in a supportive class setting with other beginners before signing up for a five week enrollment class. Get acquainted with this new world of fitness and dance that will leave you wanting more.

Aerial Silks Assessment-if you have previous aerial silks experience, contact us to schedule a free assessment so we can help you find the class that is best for you!

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