Our team at Femme Fatale Fitness has various dance backgrounds that show in the work we do at the studio. Our passion for dance, regardless of the outlet, shows in everything we create. Whether you have danced your whole life, miss it, or never had the chance growing up, it is never too late to fall in love with dance and get good at it! Whether it is with a pole, an aerial apparatus, a chair, or just you and the dance floor we want to help you express yourself. Not only will you tap into your creative side, you will also have so much fun while getting fit. Outside of pole and aerial, we offer various five week dance enrollment classes that rotate based on our schedule. Please check our schedule for dance classes currently being offered at Femme Fatale Fitness and join us on the dance floor!

“I was never a dancer and never knew how to move gracefully before taking dance classes at Femme Fatale Fitness. I’ve now taken every dance class they offer and noticed a complete overhaul in my dancing abilities. Not only can I dance more gracefully, but the knowledge I’ve gained from the dance classes cross over into every other class I take as well!”- Nikki, 24, Auditor

Belly Dance-Belly Dancing is one of the best ways to tone your whole body! Did we mention you’ll have a blast in the process?! Femme Fatale Fitness is lucky to have one of the best Belly Dancing instructors in the state! – Bronwen! If you haven’t taken her classes yet, you are missing out on an amazing time!

Chair/ Lap Dance Class-Think cool moves and tricks are just for the pole classes? Think again. In Chair/Lap Dance you will walk away with not only a hot routine, but you will have learned some impressive chair tricks as well! Over this 5 week course you will also break down the tricks and choreography to make your movement precise and sexy. Enjoy mastering the routine in class and have the option of taking it home for an added bonus if you so choose.

Burlesque-Welcome to Burlesque Essentials Series where you will find a great time, new friends and possibly a new part of yourself you didn’t know was there! Our Burlesque courses will introduce you to the wonderful world of Burlesque through personalized routines, themes and costume instruction. You will learn a wide range of skills based on your comfort level from shy and sweet to a glamorous larger than life performance! These series are meant for anyone that wants to do it. The world of Burlesque is so fabulous because it doesn’t matter what skill level, fitness level or body type you have. This is an empowering class that teaches you to love your body and feel confident in your own skin.

“I have always been interested in Burlesque, but no where in Dayton offered anything like it. When the first Burlesque 101 class at Femme Fatale came up, I was there! I’ve been hooked, or rather obsessed, ever since.I’ve never had a lot of self confidence, but now I am more comfortable performing in front of people and feeling good about myself. Burlesque is for any woman no matter what size, shape, or fitness level. I’m thankful everyday for these classes and all the amazing people I’ve had the chance to meet.” – Holly, 28, Loan Support Specialist

  • Beginner Burlesque – Beginner Burlesque is a 5 week course designed for students with little or no experience in dance or Burlesque. In this course you will learn how to move your body between traditional burlesque poses while exploring how to pair this movement with props and music. Students will learn various boa tricks and string them together to create boa-centric choreography and experience the fun and glamour of posing and enhancing movement with feather fans! The final facet of this intro class is glove work, students will learn how to best use gloves to enhance a performance to fabulousness!
  • Intermediate Burlesque -Intermediate Burlesque is a 5 week course designed for students with some dance background or those who have completed Beginner Burlesque. In this course you will be creating your own mini routine with guidance from the instructor throughout the course. Students will learn tips and tricks for costuming, the art of the burlesque tease, and how to create a performance that an audience can’t take their eyes off of!
  • Advanced Burlesque – Advanced Burlesque is 5 week courses designed for students that have completed the Intermediate Burlesque. In this course you will have the help of our head Mistress of Burlesque, Champagne Shock, in creating the perfect routine just for you. You will have help in choreography, costuming and performance prep. At the end of the 5 weeks students will have a chance to perform their custom routine at a local performance venue if they are ready.
  • Summer Series – Ever dream of being a glamorous Vegas Showgirl? In this 10 week summer series we teach you a signature Vegas style routine, how to create a fabulous head dress and showgirl costume. At the end of the 10 weeks students will have a chance to perform their group routine at a local performance venue if they are ready.

Liquid Motion- Whether you are addicted to Liquid Motion from afar as the founder offers this class in NYC and wows fans on social media, or you simply want to let go and grow your movement and style with a new platform, join Nicki for this very popular class. Nicki is a licensed and certified (levels 1.0 & 2.0) Liquid Motion instructor right here at Femme Fatale Fitness.

The Liquid Motion class is an open level class that utilizes elements of fitness conditioning, sensual movement, and dance theory to provide a total mind and body movement experience. In this 75 minute class, students learn the fundamentals of Liquid Motion to build a foundation for floor work and wall work. The class is made up of body conditioning, lateral movement, drills, intricate floor sequences, exploration of sensual movement, and an understanding of total body awareness. This combination is Liquid Motion.

Twerk Tech-In this assertively sexy class you will learn how to pop, shake, and clap that booty in ways you never dreamed you could! You will have so much fun you will forget you are working out until you wake up with sore muscles after class. There is freedom in dancing any way you wish so join us for our next round of classes!

Burly-Q-We are taking what you loved about the Burly-Q open class, the great music and routines, and turning this into an enrollment class you are sure to enjoy. Over the 5 week course you will work on a dance routine that utilizes elements of burlesque, jazz, hip hop, or other dance styles. You will not only get the steps but also work on the confidence, attitude, and musicality needed to make this routine really pop.

Not Your Daughter’s Dance Class (NYDDC)-This five week course takes you through the structure of a true dance class from beginning to end focusing on proper technique, terminology, skill, musicality, and grace. Various styles of dance are taught in this enrollment class depending on the session. Ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, and contemporary are taught in this course. Grow your love of dance or discover it here among other adult women, and not have to worry about the tutu or performing in a recital.

Lap Dance Workshops- Female sexuality is extremely powerful. In our lap dance workshops we teach you how to take control of that power and turn it into something very intimate for you and the person you wish to share it with. We break down tricks, techniques, and transitions that will drive you and your partner wild once you two get together. We teach you a full routine and set you up with all the information you need to make your lap dance special and be a time neither of you will ever forget. Attendance is always confidential and class is casual and light hearted with clothing staying on in class. You add the intimacy with your partner outside of class. Workshops offered annually and via private lesson.

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