Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Lyra is an aerial addiction like no other. This genre of aerial dance brings fitness and flight together into one stunning art form that will leave you refusing to dance with your feet only on the floor ever again. The aerial hoop, also called a lyra, is suspended from the ceiling and allows you to make mesmerizing shapes throughout it’s layers, while the hoop frames your every pose beautifully. Lyra students start with the fundamentals of posing, spinning, and transitioning through the layers of the hoop. A relationship with the hoop over time will lead to more advanced tricks, increased stamina, and fluidity. Conquering new levels of aerial hoop skills will increase your physical and mental strength, and enhance your appreciation for what your body can do!

“The Lyra is an integral part of my overall fitness regimen. Not only did it help me build strength and lose weight, but it has also boosted my confidence and continues to present new and exciting goals to conquer.” – Brandy 33, Small Business Owner

Intro to Lyra- This five week enrollment course is designed for students with very little to no aerial hoop experience. Students will learn the fundamentals to safely mount and dismount, learn smooth transitions, and make beautiful poses on all levels of the hoop. A choreographed combination is taught to maximize self-expression and prepare students for the next level where an entire choreographed routine is taught.

Lyra Levels 1- In this five week enrollment classes students take the foundation that has been started with this aerial apparatus and grow further and further with each passing class. Learn tricks, poses, combinations, unique transitions, spins, floor work, and unique choreography to keep you excited, your stamina building, and having fun. The lyra will leave you feeling like a true acrobatic performer with each pose framing you beautifully from Intro through advanced. A routine is taught in every level class to tie your skills together and push you further!

Lyra Artistry -Aerial hoop is a form of aerial dance. With any style of dance, self-expression, musicality, and connection to a piece of music make your movement take over a room and set your soul on fire. In this five week enrollment class we lower the hoops closer to the floor and experiment with lyra choreography and incorporate everything into a dynamic routine that will look and feel different but will be just as bold. Some familiarity with the hoop is a necessity for this class; therefore, at least Intro to Hoop must be taken in its entirety before joining this class.

Lyra Assessment-If you have previous lyra experience, contact us for a free assessment so we can find the class that is a perfect fit for you.

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