Femme Fatale started as a small pole fitness studio and grew fast! Though we’ve grown we will always have a special place for pole dancing and pole fitness in our hearts! We feel it is important for our classes to have a low student to instructor ratio. You will find that you are toning muscles you never knew you had, all while having the time of your life! From the very first spin, get ready to fall head over heels in love with Pole!

No matter what fitness level, shape or age you will find pole is the perfect fit for you!

Our Pole Levels are designed to help you progress from your first time using the pole as a form of exercise to more advanced and intensive levels. In each class you’ll learn new pole spins, climbs, and transitional work, all of which will be incorporated into a fun routine meant to tie in everything that you learn in each class.

“From the first spin, I was hooked. The instructors are talented, friendly, encouraging and supportive. They will push you because they believe in you, even if you don’t think you can. I encourage any woman who wants to experience the art, beauty and grace of Femme Fatale’s pole fitness. It will not only melt away the fat while sculpting your body, but, it will also increase your endurance in a fun, supportive and comfortable environment.“ – Joanne, 46, Marketing

Intro to Pole – This is a five week enrollment course designed to introduce pole fitness to students. Students learn the fundamentals of pole technique, transitions, pole conditioning, proper body alignment, and grips. Students will learn beginner spins, begin to climb, and put everything together with some flirty choreography.

Pole Level Classes- Advance your growing pole skills in our level classes. During these 75 minute classes students will condition, strengthen, improve fundamentals, grow skills, learn spins & poses, climbing, inversions, transitions, choreography, floor work, and more on spin and static pole. These courses grow from beginner up through intermediate and advanced. As you grow stronger you will get more challenged with the pole work presented. Students can use the skills in level classes to register and apply for Routine, Artistry, Exotic, & Production. In order to advance through the levels prerequisites are required to move up, as well as, instructor approval.

Routine/ Exotic/ Pole Artistry/ Production- In these specialty pole classes, you will take your existing pole abilities and apply it in fun ways. Whether it is learning a choreographed routine in a new style or learning how to create a production number, you can immerse yourself in the style and theme. Each specialty pole class requires certain prerequisites to register. Please make sure to read the description thoroughly when signing up.

Pole Assessments-if you have previous pole experience, contact us to schedule a free assessment so we can help you find the class that is right for you!

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