Teaser Classes Are Perfect For Beginners

Maybe you have seen an aerial performance and thought how beautiful, seen a pole performance and thought that must take amazing strength, or heard from a friend how addicting pole and aerial arts are. We have designed an Open Class to give you a sample of what our studio offers called Teaser Classes. Our studio specialized in taking pole and aerial and making it achievable to all women. We start with basics and fundamentals in movement, transitions, conditioning, and strength to give you the proper foundation to grow your skills and get flying higher and longer over time.

In our Pole & Chair Teaser Class you will be introduced to the pole room by going over some pole fundamentals and putting them together into a flirty pole routine that utilizes a chair as well. Feel free to bring heels if you would like!

During our Aerial Arts & Circus Teaser you will be introduced to the aerial silks and aerial hoop (lyra). You will feel like a kid at the playground all over again! Learn basic wraps, holds, transitions, and poses on the equipment. Do not forget your camera if you would like to capture anything you have learned at the end of class when the instructor gives you a bit of free time!

NO experience of any kind is required to attend. Classes are open to all ladies 18 and up. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. Cost is only $15! Space is limited in all of our classes to ensure everyone has adequate time on the equipment and so that the student/ instructor ratio stays small for the most safe and effective instruction. Please reserve your spots in class by clicking HERE!

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