Week 6 is Heating Up in June

Our Enrollment Sessions are five weeks long. The week after our sessions end we want you to get your week “Six Fix” along with your regularly scheduled Open Classes. This next Week Six Fix we are heating things up at the studio with twerking and some stiletto work. This is a week you do not want to miss! Workshops are open to all ladies even if you are not enrolled in an Enrollment Class. We are bringing you our Booty Pop Workshop & our Floorplay: Heel Clacks & Bangs Workshop:

BOOTY POP– Monday, June 15th from 7-8pm, we will be clearing the floor to teach you the hot fundamentals of popping, shaking, and clapping that booty. Forget the unwritten rules saying you shouldn’t and come out and misbehave with us. This is one hour that will leave you saying that was some of the most fun you’ve ever had dancing.

FLOORPLAY: HEEL BANGS & CLACKS-Tuesday, June 16th from 7:30-8:30pm, we will be strapping up our stilettos, taking down our hair and exploring our wild sides as we slink, clack, and bang those heels around the dance floor. Gain confidence in your stilettos and learn to work them and not just wear them. It takes control to make it look easy gliding around and demanding the floor so join us to start building your stiletto style and strength. Heels are a very important part of this workshop so they are strongly encouraged. Knee pads are also a good idea if you have them since we will be on the floor for the majority of the class. Feel free to wear some accessories that make you feel sexy, such as, garters, pole shorts, thigh highs, etc!

Both workshops are for ladies 18 and up. Cost is only $5 for non-members and free for our studio premium members. No previous dance experience of any kind are required to attend, just an open mind and the desire to have a fun night! Bonus, all material can be practiced at home after!